Weather Discussion is where you will find a regular weather forecast discussion for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. This discussion explains the weather situation for each day in simple terms so that everyone knows what to expect when they go outdoors. Dave not only lets you know what to expect, but he tries to explain why the weather does what it does. Interesting weather facts are brought up frequently, so that everyone can learn something about the very interesting and complex world of meteorology. The discussion includes any possibilities of severe weather that may exist**, so that everyone is alerted to the potential when it exists. It is a compilation of the National Weather Service forecast ideas as well as the opinions of selected meteorologists. It is summarized so that you can have as much information as possible to help you plan your day around the weather. 
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** In the event of severe weather in you area, please consult the official National Weather Service forecast office for any severe weather watches or warnings in your area at Weather.gov.