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First of all, a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for Hampton Roads. If the current forecast models are correct, the Hampton Roads cities will receive a significant snowfall beginning Tuesday and ending Wednesday morning. How much snow falls depends on the exact set up of a band of snow along a stalled frontal boundary. A low pressure system will also be developing offshore which will enhance the snowfall. Complex upper-level winds and an influx of moisture are expected to create the lift in the atmosphere required to produce moderate to heavy snow. A slight deviation in the track of this system will cause the heaviest snowfall to occur over a different area than what is currently forecast. As it looks right now, Monday evening, the heaviest snow will be in NE NC and extreme SE VA. Significant snow accumulations are expected and we could see upwards of 6 to 10 inches in some spots. There is expected to be a sharp cut-off of the snowfall amounts as you go west.  Keep in mind that temperatures are going to be well below freezing so the snow will stick and accumulate right away. Winds will also be quite strong so there will be some blowing and drifting of the snow. It all ends on Wednesday. There is still some uncertainty with this winter storm event so please monitor the local media and the National Weather Service forecast updates. The area that receives the heaviest snowfall can shift so stay tuned! That’s it for now. Be safe out there!

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