It’s just more of the same for Hampton Roads… Some clouds, seasonal temperatures, and just a very slight chance of a shower/storm… Tropical Storm Isaac is struggling with dry air and a disorganized center of circulation

The weather map has basically looked the same for the past few days. The stalled front located off of the Southeast Coast is still there and so is the trough over the Eastern states. The southwesterly flow aloft is bringing up high and mid-level cloudiness at times. Weak high pressure to our northwest is causing a light northeast to east flow, which is keeping our temperatures rather comfortable. However, with the warm water temperatures, the onshore flow isn’t exactly refreshing. The warm water actually increases the humidity levels and it is causing some cumulus cloud development during the late mornings and afternoons as the air moves inland and rises due to daytime heating. This pattern should stay about the same for the next couple of days. Although rain chances are low, a shower or storm cannot be ruled out.  Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Isaac is now moving south of Puerto Rico and it is struggling with dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. The storm is also quite disorganized and at times, it actually had multiple centers of circulation. This is never good for intensification. The storm is expected to become better organized as the air moistens up. As the storm moves near the island of Hispaniola, the mountainous island will most likely weaken the developing tropical cyclone if it passes close enough. That should be temporary, though and it will be interesting to see what happens when it re-emerges over the water. An expected turn to the northwest is expected due to the trough over the Eastern States. Folks in Florida need to play close attention to this storm as it is expected to impact the weather there beginning over the weekend. Everyone in the Southeast part of the country and the Eastern Gulf of Mexico needs to also watch this storm’s progress. That’s it for now.

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