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The stationary frontal boundary is still impacting our weather bringing cloudiness and an occasional isolated shower or storm… Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to intensify but its interaction with the island of Hispaniola may cause the storm to weaken temporarily

The stationary frontal boundary that has been affecting our weather the past several days is still to our southeast off the Carolina coast. The effects lately have just been lots of clouds and just an occasional shower or storm in spots. Rainfall has been limited and it has mostly been confined to areas to our south and east. There will continue to be a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm through Friday.  Weather Forecasters are expecting high pressure to gain control of our weather this weekend lessening the chance of rain. Then, all eyes will be on Tropical Storm Isaac which should be getting closer to Cuba by then. The storm is showing signs of intensification as its structure is improving with time. It is continuing on its westward track. The trough over the Eastern US that has been affecting our weather will probably impact the eventual track of Isaac as it will probably cause the storm to turn more northwest. That could pose a major problem for Florida. However, the storm’s track should take it close enough the the mountainous island of Hispaniola which will disrupt the storm’s circulation. If it gets close enough to the island, the storm will weaken before emerging back on the water. How fast the storm can recover if at all will be the big question. Could it affect our weather here in Hampton Roads? It’s too early to tell but that turn to the northwest that is expected may bring the storm’s moisture our way. If the storm tracks further west, it could go into the Gulf of Mexico. And if the storm tracks further east it could impact the East Coast directly. So, this is definitely a storm to monitor very closely. Then, there is another developing system further east but we have time to worry about that one. Let’s deal with Isaac first.

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