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A cold front moved through late Thursday producing severe thunderstorms in some parts of the area. In my Virginia Beach neighborhood, I picked up almost an inch and a half of rain Thursday evening. The storms here weren’t that strong but the rain was fairly heavy at times. It was the most significant rain that we’ve seen since Hurricane Irene. The winds shifted to the north ushering in much cooler air. Friday was a refreshing day after such a long hot and humid summer. I turned my air conditioner off which I have not done in months. Today (Saturday), the weather map shows that the front has basically stalled well south of here and now we are seeing overrunning precipitation breaking out as the warm, moist air from the south overrides the cool air mass firmly in place here in the Mid-Atlantic states. A large high pressure area has settled in over Northern New England and the clockwise flow around this high is giving us a cool and damp northeast wind. With a disturbance moving through and low pressure expected to develop along the stalled frontal boundary to our south, we will see some light to moderate rain at times today. Drizzle will also occur at times. Breezy conditions are expected and there will be some rather rough surf along the beaches. Even some minor tidal flooding is possible. The NWS gives us an 80% chance of rain today, 40% tonight and 20% tomorrow. So, I guess they are thinking that we will see some improving conditions tomorrow as the low moves out to sea. Temperatures should trend upwards next week…. I saw a very ominous report on the news last night that the incredible drought in Texas may last well into 2012. Forecasters expect La Nina to return which causes the weather patterns that favor dry weather in the Southern Plains. That is such bad news for this parched region of the country. They would love for a decent tropical storm to move across the state, but there is no sign of that happening over the next few days. Speaking of the tropics, there is an area of concern in the Eastern North Atlantic but that is very far away. That’s it for now. Have a great day and thank you for reading.

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