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Today (Sunday), rain moved in ahead of schedule for some of us here in Hampton Roads. I awoke to the sound of distant thunder. Rainfall in my neighborhood totaled around three quarters of an inch so far this morning. Forecasters yesterday thought that we would not see rain until later today but the moisture arrived here (Va. Beach) before dawn. With all the cloudiness and the onshore flow, temperatures should not be too warm today. However, humidity levels will be high making it uncomfortable. A significant low pressure system is going to cause a good soaking for parts of the Northeast bringing possibly five or more inches of rain to some areas up that way.  The cold front should move through later tonight bringing slightly cooler weather here tomorrow. The chance of rain will still exist tomorrow but is should be less of a chance than today. On Tuesday, we may see another shower/storm. Now for the tropics… TD 6 has formed in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean and is moving to the W-NW. Forecasters believe that eventually this will become a hurricane. Its name will be Danielle. Now, this is the area where the “big storms” are born, so forecasters will be watching this very closely. And, because the area is so far south, it is possible that it could track westward all the way across the North Atlantic Ocean. However, computer models are now indicating that the storm will re-curve to the northeast before it becomes a threat to the East or Gulf Coast of the U.S. That is a long way into the future and weather patterns at that time may not be exactly what the models are predicting right now. There are many questions that have to be answered. How significant will the shear be? (Southwesterly winds are expected to increase out ahead of the storm possibly impacting its structure and development potential) Will there be a weakness in the large Bermuda/Azores high pressure system that could allow the storm to move harmlessly out to sea. What will the weather map look like here in the Eastern U.S.  when the storm gets into the Western Atlantic? In the meantime, if I were you, I would get out your hurricane tracking map and track this system as it moves across the Atlantic and I would make sure that my emergency plan is up-to-date. That’s it for now. Have a great day!

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