The meteorological summer season has already begun and the weather will behave accordingly.  This season runs from June 1st through August 31st. This is the warmest 3 months of the year. Hurricane season also has begun on June 1st and forecasters are predicting a busy season. More on that later… The Bermuda High will has been firmly in place and will remain basically in the same position throughout the weekend. Cold fronts that are trying to move into the Mid-Atlantic region are not having any success as the high pressure area is just too strong. The cold fronts are dissipating to our north and west as we remain in the southwesterly flow around the high pressure off the coast. With the humidity levels on the high side, a shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. The prime time for them to pop up is the late afternoon and evening. They should be isolated so most of us will not see rain. However, as I have stated numerous times, when you have high humidity, all you need is a trigger to touch off convection. The triggers are sometimes not picked up well by the computer models. Upper-level disturbances, sea breezes and other various boundaries can act as triggers. On Sunday, a cold front is expected to approach the region raising the chances of showers and thunderstorms late in the day or at night. Monday looks like it will be a cooler day assuming the front makes it through the region. I’ll have more on that in my Saturday morning post… Well, hurricane season is upon us but for Hampton Roads, we normally don’t see the effects of tropical cyclone activity until mid-August. However, we have been affected by storms in June and July, but that is rare. Anyway, there is nothing out there now to be concerned about. Although forecasters are predicting a busy season due to weaker and more favorable upper-level winds and warm sea surface temperatures (SSTs), nobody really knows how it will be. We all have to be as prepared as possible. Remember, all you need is one big storm to hit our area and that can happen even if the season that isn’t active.  That’s it for now. I’ll have an update on Saturday.

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