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That low pressure system off the New England coast is going to be a factor in our weather for some time to come. The pressure gradient associated with this system is causing our strong NW winds which will only slowly subside towards mid-week.  If you look at a temperature map of North America, you will see that it is actually warmer in Maine than it is here in Hampton Roads. This is due to the relatively milder air that the storm has pulled into its circulation from the Atlantic Ocean. This marine air has raised the temperatures in Nova Scotia and Maine. The counter-clockwise flow around the system has actually created a warm front that is moving westward around the northern part of this system. The low will gradually fill and move away but we will be under its influence for several days. Our blustery conditions will only slowly subside this upcoming week.  The broad upper-level trough over Eastern North America will keep our temperatures below normal and will help to keep us on the dry side. The next chance of precipitation is on Thursday night, and at this time, moisture looks quite limited. However, any precipiation that we receive could be in the form of snow, so stay tuned. Other than that, there is not much going on this week. So, after the 4th wettest year in our recorded history, the pattern becomes a bit drier, but will it stay that way? I think that since El Nino is firmly in place, we will return to a wetter pattern. Could that mean snow for Hampton Roads? As I’ve said repeatedly, we are WAY overdue for snow as it has been over 5 years since we’ve received a significant snowfall.

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