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A low pressure sytem that originated in the western Gulf of Mexico has strengthened as it moved northeast causing havoc for many from Florida northward. Parts of Florida received copious amounts of rain causing severe flooding. Further north, the issue is snow, wind, and some tidal flooding. This snow event is going to be historic for some areas from Western NC up through western VA, parts of MD, eastern PA, NJ, and then it moves into southern New England tonight. Roanoke is getting hit very hard and this will be the case for DC today. Philly will get into the act as well as NYC and even Boston tonight and early Sunday. A Blizzard Warning is in effect for Long Island, NY and Cape Cod, MA. Snow depths over two feet are possible in some spots, believe it or not.  For Hampton Roads, it’s just a windy, rainy day. Yes, there is a possibility of some snow flakes as the low pulls out later this afternoon and cold air drops in from the north, but my thinking is that most of us will not see anything significant. At most, it will be a coating of snow on grassy surfaces, but I doubt that we will even see that, especially here in my neighborhood of VA Beach. For any of you who have not read my “weather fact” on predicting snow for Hampton Roads, you should do so today. I try to explain why snow is so rare for Hampton Roads and the biggest reason is the relatively warm Atlantic Ocean, which is still in the upper forties. A northeast wind brings this milder marine air off the ocean basically eliminating any chance of snow here locally. It takes a certain set-up to create snow for us and we are very overdue for that. It’s was December of 2004 when we received our last snowstorm here in Southside Hampton Roads. Winds will gust to gale force througout the day and will slowly subside overnight into Sunday. The winds will back around from NE to N and then to NW on Sunday.  The next chance of signifiicant precipitation is on Christmas Eve. I’ll have a new post on Sunday.

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