Commercial Weather Links

I am not commited yet, on if I am going to include links to commercial weather sites, I am still pretty miffed over SB786... Maybe just the sites that don't support SB786...

AWIS Weather Services

Climate data and forecasts in standard and custom formats, Ag weather, freeze and frost forecasting for agriculture, energy weather, and web weather content.

2005-11-23 16:07:43

Ocean Weather

Provides graphics of current ocean weather conditions

2006-03-03 00:00:00

Unisys Weather

The intent of this weather site is to provide a complete source of graphical weather information. This is intended to satisfy the needs of the weather professional but can be a tool for the casual user as well. The graphics and data are displayed as a meteorologist would expect to see. For the novice user, there are detailed explanation pages to guide them through the various plots, charts and images.

2005-11-23 16:06:37

Weather Professor Dot Com

As you probably already know, "The Weather Professor" is me, Jeff Berardelli. I am a meteorologist at WCBS-TV in New York City. I am also a Professor of Weather and Climate at the The College of Staten Island. The name "Weather Professor" is a title that I created to represent myself and my philosophy on delivering the weather. Just as the name implies, I like to explain the whys & hows behind the weather forecast. The main purpose of this website is weather education.

2006-01-19 20:31:51

Weather Underground

A site with lots of information, but the information is sometimes lost in all the advertising.

2006-01-19 20:32:13

Weatherzone Australia

Weatherzone, The complete site for the weather enthusiast. Constantly updated satellite images, weather radar, lightning tracker, forecast charts and a full range of Australian forecasts and current observations.

2005-11-23 16:09:31

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