Weather Facts

What is the Weather like during the Month of November in Hampton Roads?

November can be a very active month as the difference in air masses becomes greater as the month progresses. The normal position of the jet stream moves further south. In some years, there can be a second severe weather season in parts of the country as intense low pressure systems and their associated fronts could cause havoc with tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and high winds. As the clash of air masses increases during this month, changeability becomes the norm. The frequency of severe weather is still not as frequent as it is during the spring. Intense nor’easters can strike during November in the Mid-Atlantic Region and the memorable storm in 2009 is a good example of what can happen. Even though November can be quite stormy at times, there can be some very nice weather during this month. Hurricane season is rapidly winding down but the Caribbean Sea remains the area where tropical cyclones can develop. The first frost and freeze is most likely going to occur during November putting an end to the growing season here in Hampton Roads.