Weather Facts

What is the Weather Like During the month of October in Hampton Roads?

October is a transitional month as it begins with an almost summer-like feel to the air. The days have the potential to be warm and sunny, although humidity levels are usually lower than they’ve been the past few months. Since the nights are growing longer with each passing day, there tends to be more foggy mornings, especially in the inland areas. The morning low temperatures right along the water’s edge may be several degrees warmer due to the ocean and bay still being on the warm side. The weather patterns in October can be quite benign and this is due to many factors. Primarily, the quiet weather can be attributed to the decrease in tropical cyclone development, the less amplified jet stream configuration, drier air encompassing much of the North American continent, and the more stable atmosphere caused by the lower angle of the sun and the increasingly shorter daylight period. We are not yet at the time of year when the difference in air masses increases and an active more amplified jet causes the intense extra-tropical storms which are common in later autumn through the early spring. However, every so often, storms can be quite intense in October if conditions are right. Sometimes, they can get help from the tropics as a feed of tropical moisture can enhance and energize low pressure systems. Speaking of the tropics, the Cape Verde season ends quickly in late September and normally tropical cyclone development is confined to the Caribbean Sea and the adjacent areas of the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. While there have been a few notable tropical cyclones in October that have affected Hampton Roads, they are quite rare. October can be one of the most favored months to sightsee in Virginia since temperatures are usually at comfortable levels during the afternoons.