Weather Facts

What is the Weather Like During the month of September in Hampton Roads?

September is a transitional month. The days are rapidly growing shorter and the sunís intensity is weakening. It could still be quite hot and humid, but now the Bermuda high begins to weaken and move further east. This allows cooler, drier air masses to occasionally move in breaking the heat and humidity for a while. The frequency of thunderstorms drops off rapidly in September. As a result the average rainfall drops somewhat this month. However, we all know that hurricane season peaks this month, so we have to be very cautious and on-guard for these powerful and sometimes unpredictable storms. The Cape Verde season is in full swing in September and these can be the most notorious storms to affect the U.S. With the longer nights and the humidity levels sometimes remaining quite high, fog can be an issue in the early morning, especially in some inland spots. There are many very nice days in September, so it is a great time for tourists who want to avoid the crowds and save some money to visit our beaches. The water temperatures can still be very warm. Swimmers in the ocean just have to be mindful of the rip current threat caused by an offshore tropical cyclone.