Weather Facts

What is the Weather like during the Month of August in Hampton Roads?

The month of August is a very warm and humid month in Hampton Roads, with very few breaks from the humidity. One reason for the high humidity is the temperature of coastal waters. Water temperatures are usually at their highest in August and this causes more evaporation into the atmosphere. A wind off the water isnít as refreshing in August as it is in June or early July, but it still can give some relief from an intense heat wave. Thunderstorms are quite common during August, especially during the first half of the month. As the length of daylight decreases and the sunís intensity lessens slowly over the course of the month, the average temperature begins its decline which continues as we head towards winter. However, August can be (and usually is) a brutally uncomfortable month. Hurricane season begins to ramp up in earnest as the Cape Verde storms usually make their appearance this month. These are the long tracked tropical cyclones that develop way out in the central or eastern North Atlantic Ocean. Home grown storms are also possible during August as the water temperature off the Southeast Coast is warm enough for warm core storm development. August is the second wettest month on average for Hampton Roads. (July is the wettest month on average). This is primarily due to the heavy rainfall produced by thunderstorms and is partly due to tropical cyclones and their remnants that move through Hampton Roads in August. August is a great time to hit the beaches as the water temperatures are normally great for swimming. Of course, jelly fish can be prevalent this month due to the warm water temperatures.