Weather Facts

What is the Weather Like During the Month of May in Hampton Roads?

The weather in the month of May in Hampton Roads varies from year to year as with any other month. The weather can be very changeable with wide swings in temperatures. The sun is very strong in May and with the lengthening daylight hours; temperatures can be quite warm (or even hot) at times. Back door cold fronts can be a common phenomenon in May bringing a sudden drop in temperatures as the wind shifts to the NE coming off the cooler ocean water. Sometimes low clouds accompany the wind shift along with some coastal fog. Thunderstorms sometimes pop up during this month, especially when frontal systems and low pressure troughs move through the Mid-Atlantic Region. Humidity levels on average slowly climb during May bringing some rather uncomfortable days. However, long term heat waves are still rare and a breeze is usually blowing to counter the heat and humidity. With the ocean water temperature still on the cool side, sea breezes can be very refreshing in May. May can, and usually does, have some of the top ten best weather days of the year for our area. On the other hand, there can be some cloudy, gloomy and even rainy days in May. All day rain events are rare in May but they do occur on occasion. All in all, May is a very good month for many outdoor activities. With some of the flowers and trees reaching full bloom, May is a very scenic month.