Weather Facts

What is the Weather Like During the Month of April in Hampton Roads?

The weather during the month of April can be just as changeable as March, but the cold doesnít last as long, nor is it as intense as it was in March. The cold air masses moderate as they move south and east due to the increasingly strong April sun. Also, the weather patterns change which donít bring as many arctic or polar air masses into the U.S. The average position of the jet stream is a little farther north in April than it was in March. April can begin quite chilly and winds tend to be strong during this month due to the same reasons that March is windy. (The strong sun destabilizes the atmosphere bringing the strong winds aloft down to the surface and the strong pressure systems that move across the country). With the warmer temperatures and increased humidity levels, thunderstorms make their return in April. However, thunderstorms are not anywhere near as frequent as they are in the summer. Tornado season increases in earnest during April across the Mid-West and South and every so often, severe weather occurs in Hampton Roads. Back door cold fronts become more frequent in April. These are the fronts that come down from the north and northeast turning our winds into the northeast cooling us down big time. Remember, the ocean and bays are still very chilly so when the wind shifts from off of the water, temperatures can drop quite a bit in a very short amount of time. April is usually the first month when you will hear the weathermen say that it will be cooler along the coast on certain days. Coastal fog is also more common in April due to the cool water temperatures. The fire season usually peaks in April as humidity levels can still be quite low at times and if the rainfall has been below normal, the threat of brush/forest fires can increase during windy periods. After a long and dreary winter, April is a welcome month for most folks as they can resume outdoor activities, which includes yard work, of course.